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DELF/TEF Preparation


Duration: 70 hours

The first of these levels is called Level A1, or ‘Beginner‘. For French language students, it can be broadly defined as the point at which a person can read, write, comprehend and verbally communicate basic French phrases and everyday expressions.

Book: Saison A1(unit 0-6)


Duration: 100 hours

A2 level is pre-intermediate level.  At A2 level talking about everyday routine is easier and clearer. Sentences become slightly more complex. New tenses are also introduced to help speak in the near future and the past.

Book: Saison A1/A2 (unite 7- Unite 6 of Saison A2)


DELF/TEF Preparation


Duration: 80 hours

B1 is intermediate. Students of B1 can Identify the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly used in work, school, leisure, etc.

Book: Saison A2/B1 (unite 7- Unite 6 of Saison B1)S


Required level for PR immigration

Duration: 110 hours

B2 is the Upper-Intermediate. At this stage of French learning, students can: Understand the fundamental idea of a complex text, or technical piece related to his field. Can communicate with a degree of fluency and spontaneity without too much strain for either the learner or the native speaker.

Book: Saison B1/B2 (unite 7- Unite 5 of Saison B2)

French Classes for School Kids

School Curriculum

Score high at School. We teach based on the school’s book  

Duration: Depends upon your requirement

Specify your requirements, having analyzed your requirements, we tailor a course according to your school curriculum. Classes can be conducted in a group or one to one.

Book: Your school book


Bonjour India enables kids to speak French fluently. Speak French like a native.

Duration: Depends on your requirement

Learning revolves around different themes, carefully chosen to excite and stimulate young minds.

Book: À la une (A1/A2/B1/B2) / Tip Top

Hire a Bi-lingual for Translation/Interpretation

Are you looking for an interpreter?

Would you like to hire a permanent bilingual interpreter at your company?

Would you like to hire a bilingual in order to get your online projects done in India?

Are you looking for a language teacher or a lecturer?

Are you looking for a bilingual tour guide?

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Bonjour India has joined hands with recognized immigration agencies in India.


Bonjour India prepares you for the DELE exam.

We enable you to speak Spanish like natives.

Duration: A1(70 hours)/A2 (90 hours)/ B1 (100 hours)/ B2 (120 hours)

Book: Aula


Studying Persian provides an entry into a rich and diverse culture.


Would you like to polish your English?

Spoken English courses have become more relevant than ever before because they help to improve your communication skills a great deal. Clear and crisp English is important for success in all spheres of life.


Are you a foreigner living in India?

Would you like to communicate in Hindi with locals?

Join our Hindi classes with our experienced super professors.

Score high in DELF/TEF

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