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Learning French with Tahereh ma’am really sharpened my French-speaking as well as writing as the way of teaching was more hands-on learning rather than the traditional form of teaching which was more beneficial for me. Each and every concept was taught till I was perfect in it. She put in a lot of time and effort and worked together with me so I could excel in the subject.

Ridam Agarwal
Ridam Agarwal

I have been preparing for my B2 niveau with Tahereh ma'am for a couple of months. It has been one of the best experiences I have had in learning French. Each and every session with her has been engaging, interactive and fun. Her knowledge and expertise of the language are phenomenal! Hands down, she is one of the best teachers I have come across.


I had the privilege to learn French under Tahereh ma'am for 2 years under different institutional settings, those years revolutionised the perspective I had about the language of French, because of her, my opinion about french went from ``ughh`` to ``woah!``. She's very polite, friendly and professional, but most importantly, she's not a teacher, she's a friend that teaches you french with undiluted passion and doesn't let you off the hook unless she is satisfied with what she has taught you and what you were able to grasp, in my opinion, that is a very profound and rare quality in a teacher. I'd learn from her 'n' number of times again and again if I had to.


It was really joyful to learn french with Tahereh, she knows the language inside out and really works hard on the skillsets one wants to develop as per their needs. Her way of practical and relevant way of teaching has helped me to communicate well with the french counterparts from day 1 in Paris.


Aripana started to take French with Tahereh in July 2020. For the last 7 months, every Thursday... Ari has assuredly had an enriching time. The best thing about Tahereh’s teaching is not just about learning French but the experience in itself. Aripana actively engages and enjoys every minute and inspite of the online format.... her language skills have enhanced so much. This is seen when she interprets French dialogues on tv/video easily. Tahereh is patient, attentive and so empathetic towards the child’s individual abilities and requirements and that’s how she teaches.... which makes the child more enthusiastic to learn!

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Aripana Banerjee

Being a filmmaker, I always like to connect to people, all kinds, living in different places, cities, towns and countries. I like to narrate stories of real people, their emotions, worries and happiness... All flavours of their lives.

I went to Iran on one such tour in 2019 for 17 days. I knew that people in Iran only speak Farsi (Persian). And my friend Chintan Pandya introduced me to one of the most talented teachers, Tahere Rahimdel to teach Farsi to me. It was one of the best experiences to learn any language in my life!!! She not only taught me all important words and sentences to speak, read and write in Farsi but also gave me a lot of audio visual videos for my better understanding of the language, people and thier mannerisms. This is not enough to describe my wonderful teacher who is now a wonderful friend too. She requested her friend and sister to show me theatre performance in Tehran when I visited. She went out of her way to make sure that I get the best from my memorable trip.

She was always available for me on call in India if I ever found any difficulty to communicate with any local person in Iran.

I wrote a book of 88 short stories after returning from Iran. And I would say it with no exaggeration that my travel experience turned out to be a life time memory because I could talk in Farsi and all the credit of which goes to Tahereh. Thank you very much for your Farsi Lessons and beautiful friendship.

Aditi Thakor