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I'm Tahereh Rahimdel and I am a multilingual instructor proficient in French, Spanish, and Persian. Over the past decade, I have successfully guided numerous students to fluency in these languages. My teaching approach is focused on simplifying language learning and making it engaging and effective. You are welcome to join our ongoing classes to get a feel for our teaching methods. We also offer free demo sessions to help you make an informed decision. Once you complete a level, you can avail of free revision classes at the same level. We offer interpretation services and employ bilingual staff for global companies

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We focus on teaching four key skills - Reading, Writing, Comprehension, and Listening - in an organized manner

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1. Better rate 2. You can choose and change your teacher 3. We provide your free immigration services 4. Preparing the course materials according to your level 5.Participate on all other classes below your actual level for free 6. Connecting you to institutions and companies who are looking for bilinguals

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